Rain, Rain, Go Away

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The last week of May was particularly wet around here.  I couldn't ride my bike much, but the flowers in my garden were very happy.  We have been living in our house for almost 9 years and I inherited a nice garden with lots of pink and purple.  I took these pictures in May and just got around to posting them.

This bridal veil spirea which doesn't do much for most of the year, but for about a month every year, it makes me feel guilty for even considering cutting in down for the other 11 months of the year.

I got rid of all my creeping cranesbill because I hate the smell and they are pretty vigorous spreaders, but I kept these cranesbill bushes and they are worth keeping.
 I can never remember what these irises are called, but I love the deep purpley-blue colour, and the compact flowers and slender stems.  These seem to be popping up here and there throughout my garden, when I only had one little dinner-plate-sized patch when we first moved in.
My lilac is getting almost too big and I will have to do a really big pruning on this next weekend, now that all of the blossoms are spent.  I didn't really get to enjoy this plant as much as some other years, and we're even considering moving our trampoline to the other side of the yard so we can see this flower bed better.  The tree is getting so full and heavy that the trunk is tipping to one side.
 I picked up this sad little ninebark a few years ago for 1/2 price.  It was covered with mildew, so I cut it down to the ground, and have had it in a couple of different places before settling on a spot in my front yard, between a clematis and a dwarf light green evergreen.
 Peonies are my favourite flower, because of the smell, but I have almost too many!  I have a lot of fuschia peonies and they do so well that they need frequent dividing.  I have only one white and one light pink peony plan and I hope to get more when I divide them this September.  Peonies are a lot of work as they need staking, dividing and the blossoms gets damaged by the rain, and the blooms don't last more than a couple of weeks, but the smell is so worth it.
We have a lot of these irises, as well, and the good thing about these is that they come up early.
Weigela is one of my favourite woody perennials.  I love the trumpet-shaped flowers.  When these go on sale, I try to pick one up.  They don't spread, and little very little maintenance.
My favourite thing in my garden: my garden gnome.  Isn't it realistic?


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