Mexico, Part II

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I had shirts made for everyone that said "Mexico or Bust" on the front.  This is the back of the guys' shirts.  We were in the golf cart on our way to the hotel room and we were pretty pleased to be starting our week of vacation.

We got to our room and had a nice view of the resort and the ocean.

About half way through the week, there was a 'fire show' and I was nervous the whole time, watching these young people practically lighting themselves on fire!  We were all down at the beach and enjoyed the stars and the sound of the ocean.
After the fire show, we came to this bar, the main beach bar, to dance with the ladies from London, Ontario.  It was a bit of a workout to dance on the sand!   Of course, it was much darker at night.
We went back to the beach bar a day or two later to snap a photo or two on the swings they have.
Jesus was the highlight of the aquafitness classes that took place at noon every day.  Young, tall, dark, and handsome, with blue eyes, Jesus was definitely an attraction appreciated by several of the women.  He was also hilarious and I was cracking up throughout the class, and even got an arm and ab workout out of it.
We spent most of our days by the pool, with the towel game working out alright for us.  We enjoyed four chairs together every day, and in the afternoon, we sometimes gave up two of them as it would be hot enough to spend an hour or two in the pool, sitting on the ledge you can see right behind DH.
Every day at the pool, there were crazy games, and Christian had us in stitches.  DH and I played a soccer game and were pitted against each other in the finals.  I choked and he ended up victorious.  It was a hoot!
Iguanas in Mexico are like squirrels in Ontario.  They're everywhere.  They aren't overly afraid of us until you get a bit too close, and then they do that freaky dinosaur run.
We had such a good time with Ron and Mel, and also spent some time with Luc and Annie.  Luc has a dry sense of humour, and Annie was bubbly and sweet.

The plaza at the hotel was pretty, and there was a bar, tables, and often a band, a singer, or some other kind of music.  In fact, there was so much entertainment going on, that we could barely keep up! We brought cards, but rarely had time to play.
On Caribbean night, we enjoyed the dancers and eating under the stars.
Another night, we danced in the plaza to a ton of fun 80's music including Bon Jovi and Journey.
We were taking the bus home, and DH was showing his displeasure at our vacation being over.
Goodbye Cancun!


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