Princess and the Frog Birthday Party Ideas

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I saw these adorable frog 'piggy' banks at the store one day when I was picking up the car from the garage and was close to a Winners store.  I knew I liked them, but didn't have a good excuse to buy one.  That night, I thought that with Precious' 6th birthday coming up, a Princess and the Frog party would be the ideal reason to buy the banks.  I could use them as the 'loot' for the loot bags.

Since I was dropping the other car off at the garage the next day, I stopped in at Winners again to see if the frogs were still there, and there were three!  One was green, one was blue and one was silver.  I bought them all, as Precious only had two friends coming so far, and noticed that the colour scheme of the Disney movie with the same name was blue, green and lavender, so the colour scheme for the party was born!

I ordered balloons in blue, green and lavender with a silver table weight.  The girls and I made a banner with Happy 6th Birthday Precious in the same colours, with blue ribbon.  We got a Pin the Kiss on the Frog game.  I planned to make lily pad place mats, but couldn't find the right colour of felt or foam.

The girls showed up wearing their princess costumes and each of them was presented with a crown.

Pin the Kiss on the Frog
We decorated frames and I had planned to take a photo of the guest of honour with each of her friends to put in the frame, but they weren't necessarily that cooperative so it didn't work out that well.  The girls will have to choose a photo of their own to put in their frames.


 Precious opened her gifts after our pizza supper, then we had cake and ice cream.
I had been at the rink for much of the day and the cake was being made at the 11th hour.  I had baked it and had make cupcakes, but I hadn't iced it and I hadn't banked on all the crumbs that would be created around the edges of the legs which were cut from a separate cake.  I was getting a bit frazzled trying to cover up the spaces between the cupcake eyes, the cut pieces for the legs, and the body of the cake.  Luckily I had lots of icing and was able cover it up and it definitely looked like a frog.
We even had a real frog a the party!  Only Precious kissed him on the cheek.  Thank goodness DH was Kermit for Hallowe'en this year and who knew he'd get a chance to use his costume again so soon!


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