May Day

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My boy turned 9 on May 1st.

His birthday was as close as it's ever been to Easter so it kind of snuck up on me this year. I had this vague idea that he would be ready to have a small party with just one or two friends, dinner and a movie and a sleepover, but Mr. Boy would have none of it. He really wanted a big party with lots of friends (hopefully not because of the presents!) and he insisted it be at home rather than out.

He wanted a party just like his friend Corey's from last year. I emailed Corey's mom and she told me they played Pin the Wand on Harry Potter and a game called Pick a Penny. She said the games were very simple but that the kids had lots of fun. In fact, Mr. Boy still talks about it.

I did my best trying to re-create the Pick a Penny game on a piece of cardboard. There were 30 equally-sized squares on one sheet of Bristol board. 4 squares said "Pick a Prize" and the rest were split between "Lose a Penny" and "Pick a Penny". The kids had to bounce a penny off the wall about 4 feet up the wall, and do whatever the square said where the penny landed. They all started with three pennies and it took a long while before anyone won a prize. The prizes were half-price Easter chocolates I had bought at Zeller's a couple of days before the party. Sweet Pea managed the rogue pennies and giving out the prizes.

Kids that ran out of pennies or got bored played on the trampoline.

The kids were so amazing. They did silly rabbit ears in the photos, and made fart jokes, but they all agreed on rules when the rules weren't clear, they all took off their shoes at the door without being asked, and they generally managed themselves. It was the easiest party I've ever had at home.

With the games and prizes being so cheap, we made the loot bags a bit nicer, and ordered in pizza for everyone. Nine 8, 9 and 10-year old boys can eat a shocking amount of pizza. I let each boy have a can of pop and several asked with surprise and disbelief "You mean I can have the WHOLE can?" They were so cute.

Duncan came over for a sleepover that night as a special treat for Mr. Boy's birthday.

Mr. Boy got several Bey Blades and an arena and he has played with this so much.
Mr. Boy picked vanilla cake with cream cheese icing. I didn't decorate it at all.
The next day, we had everyone over for supper and at Mr. Boy's request, had BBQ chicken and sausages along with mashed potatoes and salad. The family cake was chocolate with butter/icing sugar icing. It was actually moist and light. No one was more surprised than me! I'm not known for my moist cake.
My boy is growing up.


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