Gardening Weekend

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I spent a lot of time this weekend gardening. I got 6 yards of mulch delivered on Monday (about the volume of my entire station wagon), and now I'm weeding all the flower beds and putting the mulch on them. The mulch really keeps the weeds down and keeps the moisture in the soil, meaning they don't need water, not that I'd water them anyway! I got a really dark colour and I love the light hostas against the dark mulch.

Beth's favourite garden sayings:
Garden saying #1 "patience in gardening is measured in years, not minutes"
Garden saying #2 "if it needs water after the first two weeks in my garden, it doesn't belong in my garden!"

I also bought some annuals as I have an urn on my front porch and two big pots on my back patio. I got a high contrast combination of purples and neon greens, as well as one silvery plant, and one that flowers yellow for the back and orange begonias for the front. Now, if I get the chance to paint my front door green, I'll be happy.

I was proud of myself for not buying any new perennials this year, but at the cash register when I was buying the annuals, they had some native plants for sale, and there were black-eyed susans. I have a weak spot for these as they used to grow along the side of the road near my rural childhood home. I had some of these rudebeckia in my yard when I first moved here, but I tried moving them and they all died. I tried planting some from seed and none grew. This time, I've put the plants in front of a large rock in a nice sunny spot and I can't wait to see them grow! As I buy new plants, I'm trying to focus on native plants (see gardening saying #2).

I'm exhausted and still have at least 2 yards of mulch to go, and two large flower beds to weed. It'll have to wait for next weekend.


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