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Friday, December 10, 2010

About a month ago, I went on a scrapbooking retreat with two girlfriends. It was an hour out of town, and now that we have a second car, I was able to drive up on my own and take advantage of the Thursday night option that was offered. My friends were only coming up on Friday, and since I had the Thursday evening, and Friday to myself, I decided to do a little shopping while I was out of town. For all my talk of buying only quality pieces, I still love Smart Set and always find myself getting excited when I go in that store. The prices are so amazing.

I showed up on the Friday morning when the store opened, looking for a pair of dressy jeans for work. Almost 2 hours and $500 later, I left the store with an large number of items. I felt a thrill, but later a little remorse as I could scarcely afford $500. When the weekend was over, I asked DH to help me decide which things to return. I ended up bringing back about $150 worth of items.

I did find those jeans I wanted, and I feel like a million bucks in them! They're dressy enough for Fridays at work and look fantastic with heels.
I got this casual shirt for the weekends. I'm so in love with gray right now.
My jeggings. The 20 year-old girls on my hockey team make fun of me for wearing these, but they wear their pants so low that their underwear and butt cracks show - so I think they're the fools! Call it a generation gap. These jeans are comfy and don't have any big buckle or buttons to accentuate my tummy.I got this tank top in dark gray. I plan to wear it to a cocktail party tonight under a plum-coloured velvet jacket with black cigarette pants.

I can't believe how many compliments I've gotten on this necklace. I love the black beads as it gives it a bit of a vintage feel.
I haven't had a chance to wear this one yet, as my 'country' beige sweater is at the dry cleaners.
I've been living in this vest. In fact, I'm wearing it right now! It looks great over a white blouse and under my dark gray blazer and work. On the weekends, it looks good with my brown cords or jeggings, over a long-sleeved scoop neck t-shirt.I also got two long-sleeved t-shirts, a teal cowl-neck sweater, a pair of dark gray dress pants which fit beautifully and which I can wear with my oh-so-sexy orthopedic shoes, and dark gray casual, cotton jacket, double-breasted with oversized buttons. I love to wear the jacket to work on Fridays, and it is wonderful to keep warm on the weekends.


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