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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mr. Boy decided he wanted to play hockey this year.
At the pre-season warmup that Andy organized, Mr. Boy had a great time and Daddy helped out on the ice.

After the sort-outs, Andy called DH to tell what team Mr. Boy was on and to convince him to be the head coach, even though it didn't take much persuasion.

DH has put his heart and soul into this team and had taken various courses, planned all the practices and has been eating, breathing and sleeping hockey! Mr. Boy practices every Saturday and Sunday, and DH is there early and is the last to leave. He is dedicated to getting the most improvement out the boys possible.

Mr. Boy had his first ever game last weekend and he did great. I was so impressed with how much he had improved since the beginning of the year, and at how well the team did. I had my video camera with me, and on Mr. Boy's first shift, he got a breakaway! And I got it all on tape!

Here's DH behind the bench.

And Mr. Boy on the bench. He's a big kid and he seems to have a real knack for defence. Daddy makes the practices fun and Mr. Boy is thrilled to be playing hockey.
This weekend, DH hosted a mid-season party for the boys. Ten boys, and two assistant coaches came and they played street hockey, had pizza, ran around like maniacs and played Wii hockey, or so I'm told. I was asked to clear out for the duration of the party so I took the girls out to see the movie Tangled and for a snack after.


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