Christmas List Update

Monday, December 13, 2010

I have about a million things to do before Christmas.

Must do list
Get a tree – Done but it’s not decorated yet.
Buy presents – Not done yet but I have a list and I’m getting closer to being done.

Want to do list
Make Christmas cookies – Will be doing this on Wednesday or Thursday night.
Make homemade gifts for my coworkers - Will be doing this on Wednesday or Thursday night while I make the cookies.
Decorate the inside of my house – As done as it’s going to get.
Buy some LED lights – Got some for outside and installed them backwards but they still look good! Next year I’ll know how to put them up correctly.
Get stockings for DH and me - Done
Get a new Christmas CD – Done – Got a Motown Christmas and now I’m wishing I’d bought the Annie Lennox Christmas CD.
Plan a get-together or two – Not likely to happen as we were busy all this weekend and we are next weekend, too. We don’t have any free weekend nights between now and Christmas!
Go see Santa - Nope
Mail Christmas cards – Not gonna happen!
Re-decorate my whole house to make the Christmas decorations look better! – I wish. I’d be happy if our new dishwasher gets installed before Christmas. We had problems with the latch, but a couple of weeks back, blue smoke started coming out of it during the wash cycle so we decided to get a new one. I’m tired of washing the dishes by hand.


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