Trick or Treat to a Wicked Beat

Friday, November 5, 2010

Last Saturday, we went to the National Arts Centre with the kids to a family concert put on by the NAC Orchestra. I once dreamed of playing clarinet in the NACO.

We dressed up and headed out, despite feeling a little sluggish after our Halloween party the night before. I decided to pull out my old Chi-Chi's restaurant uniform from 1989 and take the braids out of the wig I wore when I was dressed up as a Viking. I was a Mexican senorita. Hopefully that is obvious.
I was happy to have another chance for the kids to wear their rather expensive costumes. Precious decided to pull out the clown costume she wore last year, which was a neighbourhood hand-me-down from now-high-school-student-Claire.

The concert was great. Four year-old Precious was rapt. She spent much of the concert with her hands pressed together, poised to applaud. Six year-old Sweet Pea insisted on sitting in the seat closest to the middle so she wouldn't miss anything. 8 year-old Mr. Boy saw that there was a Harry Potter song on the bill and kept asking me if they were there yet.


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