Christmas Countdown

Monday, November 29, 2010

I have about a million things to do before Christmas.

Must do list
Get a tree
Buy presents

Want to do list
Make Christmas cookies
Make homemade gifts for my coworkers
Decorate the inside of my house
Buy some LED lights
Get stockings for DH and me
Get a new Christmas CD
Plan a get-together or two
Go see Santa
Mail Christmas cards
Re-decorate my whole house to make the Christmas decorations look better!


Blogging over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'll be posting over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs every Sunday afternoon. Come and check out my first post.


Field Trip Top Three

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I took Friday off of work and accompanied Mr. Boy's class on a field trip. They were going to the Museum of Civilization and learning about the First People and New France.

Supervising only five well-behaved, polite grade 3's for a day - awesome.
Learning about how hard the voyageurs worked, how many beaver pelts they traded and for what, and what the First Peoples found attractive - interesting.
Holding hands with my boy on the field trip and knowing that he's not too old to be seen hugging and kissing Mommy in public - priceless!


I used to be a 10, but now I'm an 8.5

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I went to see a pedorthist a few weeks back to get some better shoes. My stiff big toes have been bothering me a lot lately, so I've been wearing really floppy, loose shoes, which are hideously ugly, but at least they weren't pinching anywhere. Turns out, I was in a downward, vicious cycle since the loose, floppy shoes were actually making my toes hurt even more, causing be to be unable to wear stiffer shoes, which might have made things better.

The pedorthist was aghast at the shoes I was wearing when I showed up at our appointment three weeks ago. She got a history from me, did an exam, and measured me for orthotics. Then she gave me a list of things to look for in a shoe, the names of some companies that make good shoes for my foot condition, where to buy them, and a followup appointment for three weeks later. She also measured my feet and told me that I wear an 8.5. That's news to me since I've always worn a 9.5 or a 10. Turns out, I didn't need the length, but I did need the extra height of the bigger shoe.

I wasn't sure how I was going to find the time to get to the shoe store, Solea, as I assumed it wouldn't be open late on weeknights, it being a speciality store and all. Turns out, it was open late on Thursdays, but since I had Thursday and Friday off work, I was able to get there during the day on Thursday. After lamenting the poor selection, I managed to find a pair of orthopedic, rocker-soled shoes which I wouldn't be horribly embarrassed to wear in public. . I had hoped to come out of the store with a pair of dressy shoes, winter boots, and some slip on shoes to wear as slippers at home. At $260, plus $50 for HST (harmonized sales tax), I did find this pair of casual shoes, and it's a good thing there weren't any other shoes I liked. I'd be broke!

I had such a bad time at Solea, that I headed over Glebetrotters, and had an even worse time, there. The clerk kept going on about how we were in between seasons, and he didn't have any shoes because winter was almost here, but when I asked him about getting some winter boots, he used the same excuse! I left there frustrated and empty-handed.

I showed up for my pedorthist appointment on Friday night, and the pedorthist was pleased with my choice. She fitted my new orthotics in the shoes and I've been wearing them around the house, for a little bit longer each day.


To Tap or Not to Tap

Saturday, November 6, 2010

When I wash my hands at work, in an airport, or in a shopping centre, I notice the habits of the other hand washers. Most people do a decent job and I don't cringe when I need to use the handle after them on the way out of the bathroom.

The one habit I can't condone is sink tapping. I figure a bathroom sink in a public place is covered in germs. Why would someone wash their hands with soap, and rinse their germs into the sink, and seconds later tap their hands in the sink? To pick up their germs again?

I get that people want to remove some of the excess water on their hands, but they could use my drip and shake method quite successfully if they gave it a try.

Any sink tappers out there that can explain the attraction?


Trick or Treat to a Wicked Beat

Friday, November 5, 2010

Last Saturday, we went to the National Arts Centre with the kids to a family concert put on by the NAC Orchestra. I once dreamed of playing clarinet in the NACO.

We dressed up and headed out, despite feeling a little sluggish after our Halloween party the night before. I decided to pull out my old Chi-Chi's restaurant uniform from 1989 and take the braids out of the wig I wore when I was dressed up as a Viking. I was a Mexican senorita. Hopefully that is obvious.
I was happy to have another chance for the kids to wear their rather expensive costumes. Precious decided to pull out the clown costume she wore last year, which was a neighbourhood hand-me-down from now-high-school-student-Claire.

The concert was great. Four year-old Precious was rapt. She spent much of the concert with her hands pressed together, poised to applaud. Six year-old Sweet Pea insisted on sitting in the seat closest to the middle so she wouldn't miss anything. 8 year-old Mr. Boy saw that there was a Harry Potter song on the bill and kept asking me if they were there yet.


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