Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friday was a pretty relaxed day of work after the crazy week we had. The big presentation we had been preparing for all week was at 2:00 on Friday afternoon. The place was half empty because it was the Friday before a long weekend.

Friday night, DH and I went to the see the movie The Social Network, which was entertaining.

On Saturday, Sweet Pea had skating in the morning and Mr. Boy had hockey in the afternoon. DH is the head coach of Mr. Boy's team and he takes his duties very seriously. He is bound and determined to get the boys on his team to the absolute peak of their potential. It's wonderful seeing DH so passionate about this, and I feel it really enhances Mr. Boy's hockey experience, too. Not only does he have his dad as the coach, but his dad is a good coach, too.

Saturday night, we watched the Toronto Maple Leafs embarrass the Senators, although I have to say it was entertaining nevertheless, because Toronto played so hard. Now that we're both working full time, we have all three kids in piano, and Mr. Boy plays hockey twice a weekend, plus Sweet Pea skates and Precious has gymnastics, DH and I were so beat that we didn't even stay up past the second period. Oh, I forgot to mention that my hockey season started this week, it was Meet the Teacher night at the older two kids' school, and I had a book club meeting, as well as my annual physical at my GP. Every week seems to be crammed to the gills lately.

We got a second car last week and DH spent yesterday cleaning the garage to see if we can fit it in there, alongside our old car and with the motorcycle. I did the groceries and went to the gym, and not much else.

Last night was Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's. Everyone brought something and the food was delicious. I had a turkey wing for supper, along with the stuffing, candied yams, brussel sprouts, etc, then keylime pie and pumpkin pie for dessert.

We took our annual Thanksgiving photo in front of my mom's tree and it turned out alright. I've also booked our Christmas 'portrait' at the grocery store photo studio. I booked it for a week after Precious' 5th birthday. I saw proofs of her school portrait and it was so awful, I have to get new ones taken, plus I want to get one of the whole family.
You just gotta love long weekends!


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