Saturday, October 2, 2010

About a week before I went back to work full-time, the latch on the dishwasher stopped working so the dishwasher wouldn't complete a cycle without having to hip-check the dishwasher closed every time it stopped working, several times through the cycle. It was annoying, but not bad.

I called the dishwasher guy to come on our Nanny's last day here, a Thursday. I knew she would be home and could let the guy in. He came, adjusted the latch and $90 later, my dishwasher worked. For one day.

I realized early that Saturday morning that adjusting the latch wasn't going to fix things and the dishwasher wasn't working again. The first day the repair guy could possibly come back was my first day full-time and the second week that DH was working at his new job. Neither of us really wanted to take time off, and I'm a 50 minute bus ride each way, and with the dishwasher guy giving us a three-hour window when he might show up, neither of us could do it.

My mom (the saint) volunteered to wait at the house the next week for the dishwasher guy to come back. He was in an out in a minute, and said that he needed to order a new part and would call when it came in, and schedule yet ANOTHER visit to the house where someone would have to sit and wait for up to three hours.

By this point, the frustration was getting to me. It'd had been weeks since the dishwasher had worked properly, and the latch seemed to be deteriorating even further, meaning that the hip-check method to clean dishes was no longer effective. We had to bring out the big guns!

DH rigged two kitchen chairs and cube and wedged them between the dishwasher and the fridge to get the whole cycle to complete. This meant a difficult hurdle when I wanted to use the kitchen during the wash cycle, and I also couldn't get access to the fridge.
Mom volunteered yet again to wait for the repair guy on his third visit, when part in hand, he fixed the dishwasher properly. It cost me another $96, which was really annoying, but at least the dishwasher was fixed.

The next morning, I came downstairs to get ready for work, and found the chairs and cube set up like the photo above. I almost flipped, thinking that DH had tried to run the dishwasher the night before and it hadn't worked! Turns out, it had just become a habit for him to set up the chairs and he had forgotten that the dishwasher was fixed. What a relief when he told me that!


Christine October 4, 2010 at 6:56 PM  

Nice job, anything to get the dishes done eh! :)

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