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Monday, September 13, 2010

Our nanny's last day was Thursday. She's been with us almost two years. She took care of the older two kids after school and all summer, and she took care of Precious all afternoon, as she was in half days at school and preschool the last two years.

Jenny is a wonderful and caring childcare provider. Precious loved all the cuddles and reading that Jenny did with her. She and Jenny even took the city bus together to school some days.
It was no problem for Jenny to find another job. My girlfriend was looking for one for the end of her maternity leave until her son starts Montessori. Live-out nannies are hard to find so my friend is happy, and Jenny will be thrilled to have a little boy to play with and cuddle.

The older kids start their new daycare today. They're going to my friend's place every day after school. It's about 1 km on foot, there are a couple of grade 3's going there, and it's right beside Precious' school-provided daycare.

I feel so excited about this new arrangement as the new daycare provider is lovely and I know the kids will love being with other kids after school.

I'll be taking the bus home from work and taking it an extra few stops to get off outside Precious' school, where she is in the before and after school program. Then we'll walk to the other daycare, which is on the way home, and walk the rest of the way home together. Mondays should be 'interesting' as Precious starts piano at 5:30, giving us very little time to get home and eat.

Walking 2 kms a day will be good for the kids, and I need to remember to bring comfortable shoes!

And today is my first day working full-time since 2005! Wish me luck!


Christine September 13, 2010 at 5:21 PM  

Hope it went well Beth!! My first day back today!

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