A Week in the Muskokas

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've been out of commission on the blogging front because I took three weeks of vacation and was out of town for much of it.

My first week off, we were lucky enough to get an invitation for to stay at our friend Bob and Sheila's family cottage.

The cottage was originally Sheila's grandmother's, and it's in a community of cottages that shares a beach, volleyball court, play structure, boat launch, etc. The cottage itself is rustic (ie. no potable water and only an outhouse). It's one of those classic cottages with hand-me-downs, and quirks about it. It was perfectly suited for the two families and was wonderfully comfortable.
The boys slept in a tent outside and the girls shared a small bedroom with bunk beds and a single. DH and I were lucky enough to have a nice room with a double futon. Surprisingly, I've never had less back/neck issues than I did that week as the futon mattress was firm and perfect for me. Bob and Sheila shared the other 'big' bedroom.
The family has a canoe and a motor boat (and now a kayak!) so Bob and DH took the girls for a boat ride to one of the islands on Lake Vernon. They were gone a long time and based on the photos they brought back, they had a great time.
The weather and the beach were just perfect. There was shade at the beach, muskoka chairs and picnic tables, as well as a play structure, and lots of sand and water toys. There was a big, metal slide for sliding into the water, and a raft pretty far out, with a diving board. The kids loved getting noodles and heading out to the raft. Precious loved making sand castles with the other girls.
In the cottage, there was lots of reading and playing of games. Guess Who was particularly popular. Mr. Boy and Duncan took turns reading pages from Harry Potter 4. I was knitting a lot and the adults read the paper and various books in the evenings.
One day, the boys went to the community association's cliff jumping spot and jumped off the 'small' and 'medium' rocks. I'm glad I didn't get to see it! It was really high! On the last day, the boys jumped again, although Mr. Boy said the medium rock made his stomach feel funny and he didn't want to do it.
But that didn't stop DH from trying it!
Or Duncan!
On the second last night, we watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs at the beach, with free popcorn.

On the second last day, the community association had their annual fun day. There was face painting and old fashioned games.

Earlier in the week, we had gone to Bob's sister's cottage for the day. She's on the exclusive Lake Rosseau, home of celebrities and sports figures. Her cottage was beautiful, completely wood inside and out, and perched on a cliff with a wraparound deck, and stairs and decks all the way down (way down) to the water.

Bob's sister has three young girls, so add my three and Bob and Sheila's and it was 8 kids between 8 years and 2 years.
Here are all the kids starting supper on the top deck, with DH admiring the panoramic view.
The bottom deck.We had a wonderful time in Lake Vernon and hopefully we'll get invited back!


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