End of Summer Bowling

Friday, August 27, 2010

The summer is almost over. The weather is cooling off at nights and I find myself wearing a jacket occasionally. School starts in another week.

This summer, I had a list of things to do with the kids.
Water Park
Pony Ride
Petting Zoo
Mini Putt/Driving Range

We didn't make it to the water park this year, but maybe next year.

We've done the cottage and camping, the petting zoo and mini putting and the driving range.

Ever since we got the Wii and played Wii bowling, Sweet Pea has wanted to try 'real' bowling.

We finally made it on Wednesday. We got there just after 10 a.m., since Precious had speech therapy at 1:00 (which ended up being canceled by the SLP).

Sweet Pea was hoping for loud music, which she got. It was a bonus that they had black lights and cool shoes that glowed in the lights. We all had fun bowling. Mr. Boy was pretty good at it, as was Sweet Pea. Precious was hopeless at first, but was able to bowl independently by the 8th or 9th frame. The kids wanted to stay longer, but we had to get home for lunch.

Now I want to organize a bowling tournament!


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