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Saturday, August 21, 2010

DH couldn't afford to take any vacation time. I, on the other hand was not satisfied with having taken only one camping trip so far this summer, and I get more vacation than DH, so I asked my dad, who is retired, if he'd accompany the kids and me on a camping trip. He was so keen, he mistook the date of our trip and was ready and packed up a month early!

Once we got the dates straightened out, everything else was pretty smooth sailing. The kids were up and ready to go on Wednesday. I had packed everything the night before and had DH help me load the car before he left for work.

The trip took close to three hours with a long break at Tim Horton's part way, and we arrived on a warm and sunny afternoon. Dad had been there a few hours already. We hit the beach and checked out the adjacent play structure. The park had a great setup, a little store, and we were really close to the 'comfort stations' (euphemism for flush toilets and running water).Dad helped me set up the campsite and he gets an 'A' for effort as he was always asking how he could help throughout the three days. It was really handy having another adult around when trips to the bathroom, store (to get ice for the cooler) or back to the campsite were warranted. Dad had his little tent and Mr. Boy slept in there with him. I had the girls in my mammoth tent.On the second day, the kids and I took a hike through the woods. There was a bit of rain, but not too much. Throughout the three days, we had campfires, and cooked marshmallows, made s'mores, swam, made sand castles, read and played. Dad brought his canoe and took Mr. Boy fishing. They caught lots of fish but threw them all back. The five of us all took a short canoe ride, but it was pretty windy that day, so we didn't get far before we decided to turn back.
Mr. Boy checking out the water (below).
Gramps reading to Precious by the fire.
Sisters playing at the beach on the last morning.We ran into a girl on Sweet Pea's soccer team and her twin brother at the campground. The kids all played together quite a lot and it made the trip even more fun for them.


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