Mini-Putt and the Driving Range and Other Summertime Diversions

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"I'm bored"
"Can I play Wii? Pleeeeease!"
"Can I invite someone over?"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard these expressions at my house since summer vacation started.On my list of things to do with the kids this summer is bowling, mini-putt, pony riding and the petting zoo, so I decided to take the kids mini-putting yesterday morning, after we took the cat to the vet for her leukemia booster.

It was misting a little, but the kids weren't deterred and said that we could just bring raincoats rather than call off the whole trip. I like that 'can-do' attitude!

The mini-putt course was deserted, so each kid picked a ball and a putter and they were so excited, they were running all over the place. Each of the kids (even Precious, who is 4) got a hole-in-one, and it was pretty exciting. I asked Precious if she was happy that she got one and she said "I so proud". It was adorable.After mini-putting, the kids really wanted to go to the driving range. I got them a small bucket of balls to share and I told them to be really, really careful. I could just picture one of them getting a driver to the head on a back swing. Ouch.

They did pretty well, even though no amount of reasoning could convince Mr. Boy that he had his hands reversed. You'd think that since he plays baseball, he'd know how to hold his hands. Sweet Pea hit some balls out to the 25 yard marker, and Mr. Boy got to the 50.All the balls that Precious hit are still visible in this photo, and the older two collected them all up and hit them again.
After mini-putting, we went to Harvey's and got lunch. Mr. Boy had a friend coming in the afternoon, and after he left, we went to the library. When we got back, the kids were happy to read their books while I made shepherd's pie for supper.

After supper, DH went to the neighbour's to 'jam' and I watched It's Complicated, which I really enjoyed. It was funny and romantic, and the houses in Nancy Meyers' movie are always amazing. The kitchen in the movie was gorgeous! I love the black window frames and the neutral colour scheme.
I still covet the decor in the gorgeous beach house in Nancy Meyers' Something's Gotta Give?
The Something's Gotta Give kitchen is probably still my favourite kitchen, ever.


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