Sunday, July 11, 2010

We went to see Metric last night, along with thousands and thousands of others. Last year at Bluesfest, DH and I went to the concert sans kids. Metric is one of my favourite bands, and the kids like them, too so we couldn't very well leave them at home this year.

We had to leave Gary and Hilary's wedding reception early (their real wedding was in Mexico in the winter), and we got to Bluesfest in time to see a few other acts before Metric. The kids ate at the festival, and DH and I had shwarma there, too. By 7:00, the kids were getting tired, so we sat on our blanket and watched the show from pretty far back. I have to say I preferred it last year, where we could see Emily Haines' facial expressions and see her aerobic-type moves. Last year, we just watched, but this year, I filled up the water bottle and took someone to the bathroom during the 60 minute show.
On Friday night, the night before the show, DH was out at Bluesfest with our neighbour, so I stayed home and was inspired to make the whole family Metric t-shirts with some fabric paints and some plain shirts I bought a few years ago. The shirts turned out great and quite a few people noticed them and commented on them. The kids, especially Sweet Pea were thrilled.

Sweet Pea even matched the writing on her shirt with her pants.
Mr. Boy and Precious dancing during Metric.
Remind me to take posing lessons before I get my picture taken again! LOL!
DH claims to like his metric shirt enough that he'll wear it again.
The kids were zonked when we got home. Taking them to Bluesfest is so much fun and they were free to get in!


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