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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The last time we went to the zoo was in 2007. Precious wasn't even walking yet. We stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool, and did a trip to the zoo on the first day, and to Centreville the second day. Centreville was great for the small kids. It's a scaled down amusement park for the under-8-10 set and since we were there opening weekend, it was a pay-one-price bracelet and all the rides you can manage for $20/kid.

This time we drove to Toronto on a Saturday morning, and arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon. We checked in a went for a swim. We ate supper in the hotel bar, then went for another swim. After a good nights' sleep, we went for a swim first thing in the morning, then for breakfast at the hotel buffet. It was convenient and reasonably priced and we could eat whatever we wanted. Yum.

We headed to the zoo and arrived just after 10. It promised to be a hot day, so we bought tram tickets right away to avoid walking between the different exhibits. Before we even got to the gate, though, we saw the mascot for the zoo and the kids got their picture taken.
Next up was a camel ride for the older two kids. They had a lot of fun and commented that camels don't walk smoothly.

We then headed to Stingray Bay. With Mr. Boy being a shark fanatic, you can imagine how excited he was. You didn't know stingrays were sharks? Well, neither did I until about 4 years ago, when we started reading every shark book ever written.

We made it to the kids' section of the zoo and they enjoyed the tree house. We also saw lots of animals, but you don't really need to see pictures of that.

The new Tundra Trek was cool. The kids weren't as impressed as DH and I at the arctic wolves, but the polar bear was appreciated by all, even if he was brown from rolling in the dirt.

We finally got a snack and found some shade just after noon. To say it was hot was an understatement. In the afternoon, we headed to the splash park. Just being in the vicinity of the water was lovely, but we all got on our bathing suits and played around for about 45 minutes.In the end, we rushed through the Africa section, skipped all the indoor exhibits (too hot) and didn't make it to the Canadian section.

We got in the car to drive home around 5. The kids promptly fell asleep and we woke them up for a fresh supper at Subway at a truck stop. It was the first time we'd had non-fried food for a good 36 hours and I was relieved.

Since it was a long weekend, we still had Monday off. Ron and Mel invited us over and we enjoyed their company, the pool and the food.


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