Strawberries and Graduation

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our veggie garden is thriving. I've only watered it once as it has rained pretty much every day for about three weeks but there's been sun too, so everything's growing. I have green tomatoes, and my pumpkins, cucumbers and corn are all doing well. We had a good feed of strawberries this year. We picked them before the animals wanted to eat them, which meant they had to ripen in the house. Since we only got one berry last year, this worked out much better. The kids loved helping pick the berries and we all enjoyed eating them.
In the last week, there were lots of end-of-year school activities. The highlight was Precious junior kindergarten graduation and Sweet Pea's performance in the Three Little Pigs.

Here's Precious feeling shy.
And later on, after their performance of songs in French and English, she had a snack, then posed with her teachers. Miss Margaret taught her math and science.
And Miss Linda taught her language arts. Both teachers were very sweet, kind and consistent with Precious all year and taught her well. We will miss them next year.Sweet Pea rocked the grade one performance of the Three Little Pigs in the school library. She definitely has rhythm, that one.
Mr. Boy and Sweet Pea finished school on Friday and all three kids started summer swimming lessons today. I am already realizing that we need to find some more activities to keep the kids busy this summer.


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