Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I woke up late on Mother's Day. DH had turned on the TV for the kids around 7 a.m. and come back to bed, too. I think I got up around 9 on Sunday morning and it was a nice treat after having had dinner out for my birthday and having stayed up a little late watching The Hangover the night before.

After I woke, DH brought me the laptop and went downstairs to make me some french toast, which is my favourite breakfast food.

The kids came upstairs wielding their handmade Mother's Day cards. Mr. Boy's had a list of reasons that he loves me. I can't imagine anything harder than making a list of the reasons why one loves their mother. Isn't it more or less innate? Regardless, it was sweet and it was nice of my son to say that I'm 'nice', 'intelligent', and so on. Smart kid.

Sweet Pea brought me a symetrical painting that she had made of flowers in a vase. She painted one side of the picture, then folded the paper over and transferred the mirror image. She was very proud of her work, and meticulously explained the process she had used.

Precious gave me her card with the handprint on the front and the cute poem I seem to receive every year on some craft or another about how mothers shouldn't get annoyed by things their kids do because kids grow up too fast and soon they'll be gone. Something about how I'll miss the dirty fingerprints. I'll miss the kids when they leave home, but I can assure you, I will not miss their dirty fingerprints, and all the jam on the wall and doorjambs.

I enjoyed my delicious french toast with icing sugar sprinkled on it, sliced bananas, real maple syrup and tea.

At lunchtime, my dad came over with Subway subs for everyone, to celebrate my birthday.

After lunch, I went shopping and I'll blog about that later this week.

I intentionally stayed out longer than I would normally, to savour the free time, and stopped at the book store and lingered a little. I got home around supper time and Sweet Pea surprised me by actually liking her grilled cheese sandwich! I was thrilled, even after DH told me that he had told her to try the sandwich as a gift to me. I don't care why she ate it, just that she did eat it. Everytime we can add some new food to the repertoire, is one less night that I have to agonize over how to get my middle child to eat healthy food.

After the kids went to bed, DH and I stayed up and watched Juno. I bawled when Juno had the baby, as it recalled the day just over 8 years ago when my son was born. May 1, 2002 was truly the best day of my life as it was the day I became a mother.


Anonymous,  May 13, 2010 at 6:52 PM  

Amazing writing!

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