Easter Recap

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a great long weekend!

Friday, we went public swimming, painted eggs, and had Ron and Mel and the kids over for supper. We spent the whole day outside, and I even got a little gardening done.
Saturday, we went to Connor's birthday party. Later, the kids played outside until it was too dark to see. The weather was glorious. The kids were offered the chance to watch a movie, and my heart sang when they chose to play outside instead.

Sunday, the kids had their egg hunt, then played at their 'fort' outside again. Their 'fort' is a tree behind our house that they can climb themselves. Mr. Boy and I went to see the Sharks documentary in 3-D at IMAX, and we had a quiet Easter supper as my mom wasn't feeling well and couldn't host. I made a bunny cake and it was a very delicious bedtime snack last night. I did some mending for about two hours last night and it felt good to check that off my to-do list.
Today, I have the day off, but DH is at work. Mr. Boy's friend is over for the next few hours, and he plays so well with the girls, which makes my day a little easier considering it's gloomy and wet outside and not a good day for the 'fort', trampoline, bike riding or going to the park.


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