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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have 9 children coming to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and 6 adults coming for lunch on the same day.

I've ordered the lunch-time cake but haven't made the one for the evening yet.

I've figured out the dinner plans but not what to feed the lunch guests (including the vegetarian).

I've got loot bags for the kids, but haven't finished the scavenger hunt clues and forgot them at work, so I'll have to start from scratch.

On Monday, I volunteered to be the convenor for my daughter's soccer league with 80 girls. I spent about an hour figuring out the volunteers and adding all of the email addresses.

I still don't have a present for my son for his 8th birthday, except for the game of Skip-Bo I got him, and the loot bag I made him. I'm very quickly running out of time


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