Friday, April 16, 2010

Beverly Hills 90210. The original. Never missed the show.

I mean, fancy cars, pretty people, no acne in sight, romance, and Dylan had his own house!? I mean, come on.

Remember when Brenda and Donna went to Paris? My three favourite by-products of that trip:

1. Dylan and Kelly got together.

2. Brenda met Rick, pretended she was French, and had to fake a French accent for-ever after he followed her back to the States.

3. I got to see one of the funniest scenes ever on TV. (It's only 56 seconds long)

Edited to add: I should have set this clip up a bit better. Donna and Brenda go to Paris. Two American teenagers with a limited knowledge of French. They end up in a fancy French restaurant and order the "cerveau de veau". As a French speaker, I'm already giggling as I know this means 'calf brains'. Then I get to watch them try the food, and with a mouthful of it, realize what it is. The way Donna spits it out cracks me up. Hilarious!

Is that funny, or what?


Carole April 18, 2010 at 7:10 AM  

thanks for a good Sunday morning laugh!

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