40th Birthday Party

Monday, March 29, 2010

I missed a couple of days of work last week with fever, chills, and muscle aches. I saw my chiropractor twice, rested a lot, and felt better by Friday. Good thing, too, as I was going to Montreal for the day with my girlfriend, Sylvie. It was her 40th birthday and her husband had asked me to distract her for the day so he could throw her a surprise party. Usually Sylvie and I get together for a nice dinner, possibly some shopping, and lots and lots of conversation around each of our birthdays. It is something we've done for probably the last five years, and it's a tradition I'm eager to continue.

We've never done anything on her actual birthday before, so it was a bit of a tough sell to get her to agree to it, but with François' encouragement, we headed out for Montreal on Friday morning at 9:30. The drive to Montreal flew by as we discussed Sylvie's university courses and everything she is learning. I was so inspired by the changes in her and her excitement about school!

The shopping in Montreal was great, as always. We spent the day in a mall rather than criss-crossing St-Catherine street. With the cold weather, we would have been uncomfortable in our big coats - necessary for outside - then hot in the stores. Sylvie managed to find quite a few nice things. I still haven't blogged about my new year's resolution for 2010, but it is to be frugal. I might blog about this in the next little while.

Despite my newfound fiscal restraint, I did buy a cute dress at Mango, after Sylvie convinced me it looked good on me. I bought Sylvie lunch, which is our tradition, but she didn't want to spend too long eating as there was lots of shopping to do, so we ate at the food court! I gave her a hard time about that, but I guess she had a point about a restaurant lunch taking too long.

By 4:30, we were at Starbucks getting a snack and a coffee for the road. The traffic was surprisingly light and the time flew by as we continued into hour 8 of our conversation. Sylvie dropped me off on the way home at a mall which is right off the highway. DH was waiting for me, ostensibly to drive me home, but of course, we were going to wait 5 minutes then follow Sylvie back to her home for the party. I had a different outfit in the trunk and I changed in the car.

We got to the party and everything was in full swing. François had catered the food, and had hired a waitress and a DJ. The music was fantastic and we ended up dancing quite a bit. It was so much fun! What really impressed me was the Sylvie's group of friends. All of her closest friends were there, and they are a great group of ladies. The interesting thing was that they were all accumulated, if I can say that, at different points in Sylvie's life. Her oldest friend, Joane has known her since kindergarten. She and Paule met when they both served on the board at the daycare. I met Sylvie over 20 years ago on my first day at work in the government. She and Nadine met when Sylvie lived in Quebec City. Mélanie is a friend from university. She and Josée run together on Wednesday nights. And so on, and so on.

I was inspired by Sylvie again when I heard about the time and effort she puts into each friendship. Sylvie and Paule go for a walk every Thursday night. She and Mélanie take all of their classes together. She and Joane are planning a trip south. I am honoured to be one of Sylvie's friends.


Sylvie March 29, 2010 at 6:41 PM  

You are going to make me cry! Thank you so much for being my friend, I love you! And yes, the whole day was so amazing and it wouldn't have been complete if you had not been there. Thank you (again!) for being my friend! xoxoxo

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