Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Friday was a professional development day for the older two kids. Precious still had kindergarten in the morning, until 11:30. After kindergarten and lunch, the three kids and I headed down to a huge winter festival called Winterlude. It takes place at several sites, including the Rideau Canal, the world's longest skating rink. It's three weekends in February and guaranteed to be a good time.

I knew skating with two so-so skaters and one beginner skater on a bumpy skating rink might not be fun for long, so I decided to take the kids' to the ice sliding and snow sculpture park. They also had snowshoeing, skiing, tobogganing, tubing, and a snow maze, but the main attraction was the ice slides. The ramps to the slides are all made of snow, with high walls of snow on either side. The slides themselves ranged from wide and icy to narrow and icy. Mr. Boy didn't like the look of the 'speed' slides, but Sweet Pea jumped right in and was down at the bottom in a flash. Eventually Mr. Boy tried a slide, after he ran into some friends who were also sliding, and he ended up having fun.Above: A picture of the kids right after we parked the car as I didn't feel like carrying the camera with me. Notice the Olympic red mitts. I bought them that morning. One pair for each child.

After sliding for a while, and after running into a few people that we know from our neighbourhood, we got Beavertail pastries and a hot chocolate and enjoyed some warm-up time in a shack they had set up for eating and getting warm. Sweet Pea asked me if there was any beaver in the beavertails, and I assured her there wasn't. She wanted an orange juice instead of hot chocolate, so she went up to the cash on her own and ordered an orange juice and paid, got the change, and even spoke in French. I was so proud, and she was beaming. She loved the fact that we were somewhere where people speak French since she's in French Immersion.

The older kids were reluctant to leave after almost three hours, but Precious was having a meltdown. She's still not used to having no nap in the afternoons. It's been about 2 months, but she still falls asleep in the afternoon if she's left in a warm, quiet spot for any length of time. She's sleeping in a little longer in the mornings, which was the impetus for cutting her nap in the first place, so it's working out overall. On Friday, she wasn't too happy to be awake and in a place that was neither warm nor quiet, so she cried, and I finally piggy backed her back to the car and we got home in time for supper.


valerie,  February 18, 2010 at 12:11 PM  

we were there Friday, too, though in the morning, not afternoon - great fun!

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