Hello Hockey, Here We Come

Friday, January 22, 2010

DH and I both love hockey. We watch it, play it, and try to attend a professional game or two every year. We figured out kids would play hockey. After all, we are Canadian!

So imagine our surprise when our son and oldest child had little interest in hockey. In fact, he seemed to have little interest in team sports, period. A good game of chess, or some downhill skiing? Perfect! Soccer or hockey, not so much.

We signed Mr. Boy up for soccer when he was 4 1/2 and I ran around with him on the field, holding hands all the while, on the days we could convince him to attend. Wary of committing to 50 ice times in the minor hockey association hockey league, I signed him up for a 5-week session through the city. He feigned illness to get out of one game, had to be bribed to another, and reluctantly attended the other three, despite the level being appropriate to him and having a couple of friends on the ice with him.

So imagine my surprise when Mr. Boy announced that he wants to play baseball this summer and hockey next winter! The baseball idea isn't new, and he does seem to be pretty good at hitting, throwing and catching. And baseball is a team sport where you only play as a team half of the game, and the other half is individual. Sounds like a perfect fit.

I was secretly delighted that he asked to play hockey, despite the shudders I get when I think of getting him to the rink for 6:00 a.m. ice times. Since he'll be 8 when he starts, I've heard that age group gets a bit later ice times, which suits me just fine. I know he'll be a little behind the others at first, but I hope he'll catch up. He's not a bad skater already, and he likes passing the puck and shooting in a good game of road hockey.


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