Christmas Concert

Friday, December 18, 2009

Precious had a Christmas concert at school today. DH, Grammy and I were all there.

We brought Precious to school for 9:00, dressed in a Christmas dress and even brought special 'party' shoes. The adults went into the large room room, and a few minutes later, the children all came over from the classroom, in procession, singing "Jingle Bells". Precious had a tambourine, and I was concerned a few times about the skulls of the the children around her! She's nothing if not enthusiastic!
They sang many songs; some in English, some in French. We had to hold our applause to the end, which was hard because they were so cute. They each sad on a little carpet sample to 'remind' them of their spot. See - that's my kids back there in the left-hand corner with the green bow!

After a special snack back in the classroom, we all went back in to the larger room again and Santa came! It was very exciting and he even had a present for Precious. She was fine going to see the man in red, as long as I was holding her hand.
It was a very cute concert and it was fun to see my youngest doing her best and only occasionally yelling out "Hi Mommy!" for all to hear!


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