Bad Kitty, Part Two

Saturday, December 5, 2009

We've started letting our cat Lexi outside. It was such a pain to try to keep her inside when she was always bolting for the door. I dislike when others let their cats roam the neighbourhood, but here I am doing it, too.

We let her out on Friday evening, and over a 12-hour period, Friday night and Saturday morning, we got no less than 5 phone calls from people saying that Lexi was trying to get in their house. We have a tag on her collar with her name and our phone number. She had gone into one house and the man was reluctant to let her outside in case she tried to cross a busy street. DH just told him to put her out anyway. The same guy called back twice more, torn between his desire to do as DH asked, and his fear for the cat.

Eventually he did let out the cat, and a few minutes later, at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, someone else called to say that the cat was at his door, trying to get in. We said "just don't let her in."

At 9:00 on Saturday morning, we got yet another call from a woman who said that Lexi jumped in her car when she herself was getting in. She was worried that maybe the cat was neglected or a stray. I assured her that the cat had been on the loose for no more than 10 - 12 hours and that she would be o.k. At this point I'd had enough, so I went to the caller's house and picked up the cat in the car. I figured it was the only way to make the phone calls stop.

Bad kitty.


Christine December 7, 2009 at 10:30 AM  

hehehe... too funny! Bender's been doing the same thing. A new person is bringing him home, or calling daily. But he's a 95 black lab, a little more of a house guest than people are wanting :)

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