Tooth Fairy Pays a Visit

Friday, November 20, 2009

On Tuesday, while we were in Regina, Sweet Pea lost her first tooth. It had been loose for ages, and Grandpa, DH and I were urging her to just pull it out. I told her I would get out the pliers, just like my dad used to do. She didn't think that was very funny, even though it is 100% true that he used to take out our teeth that way. I think she was scared it might hurt, but it was already dangling by a thread.

We warned her that the tooth could fall out and she might swallow it. Would the tooth fairy still come, we wondered?

While we were visiting Oma in the hospital, eating a muffin at the coffee shop, I looked over at Sweet Pea and noticed a space in her mouth where her tooth used to be! After mentioning to her that her tooth was gone, her eyes welled up with tears when she realized that she had swallowed it. We checked every crumb on the table and the floor to see if it was a tooth, to no avail.

That evening, it was taboo to mention the swallowed tooth. Sensitive SP was too upset about the whole thing.

I decided to write a note to the tooth fairy which said that the tooth had fallen out. I didn't want to mention the part about it being swallowed for fear of setting off the waterworks again. SP saw the note and amended it to say that she had indeed swallowed the tooth. I guess she wanted to cover all her bases, and her pride was shelved momentarily. She placed the note ON her pillow. Rookie mistake.
I moved the note under her pillow. Sure enough the tooth fairy found the note and left SP $2, which is what she left SP's big brother when his first tooth fell out last year. She carried that toonie everywhere all day, including through security at the airport. The best part, is that the tooth fairy kept the note, which I think will be cool to show SP someday.


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