Sunny Regina

Saturday, November 14, 2009

When people ask where we're going on vacation, I often tell them 'sunny' Regina. It's a bit of a dig at Regina because I'm joking that all it has going for it is that it is sunny. That's not true, but people often ask me why we visit. Well, that's easy! DH is from Regina and his family still lives here.

We arrived on Thursday around lunchtime. The flight was uneventful, which is always good. DH was still pretty sick, and Sweet Pea still had her cough leftover from her flu.

Friday was uneventful again, although I did get out to Value Village to pick up some new books for the kids. I also scoped out a couple of cool photo locations, including some gigantic garage doors and a spot near a train yard. The hard part will be getting anyone to photograph.

In the afternoon, I took the kids to the park and the cold air, combined with Sweet Pea's cough produced a coughing fit of epic proportions which culminated in her vomiting twice. Friday night, we didn't do much and went to bed around 9.

Today, I indulged in some retail therapy of the prairie kind. I'll post more about that tomorrow. We're having the rest of the family over this afternoon for a BBQ.


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