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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My brother, his wife and I drove out to the memorial service last night, and got there just as it was winding up. It was nice to see some of my relatives, but we didn't stay too long as everyone was leaving. The best part was getting a chance to talk to my brother and his wife.

We also talked about the newlyweds watching the kids for a weekend so DH and I can go south sans kids in January or February for a week. My mom and our nanny can cover the weekdays. We finally have the childcare arranged. Now I'm worried we left it too late to book a resort that we'll like! It always takes us so long to make a decision that we miss out on early bird specials, and hopefully we don't miss out on the vacation altogether!

I'm including the last two poses from the SuperStore photo shoot. I scanned them in a had to lighten them up a lot so they don't look exactly like the original. In the family photo, my hair looks red, which I assure you it isn't, but I can't remember how to remove the redness in the photo, so I'll have to rely on you to imagine less red.
Normally I have a very specific photo in mind, and we had the same Christmas card photo pose two years in a row after I saw a great picture in Creating Keepsakes magazine. This year, I decided to let the 'photographer' decide what poses and what background. It was a lot less stressful and I do like how they turned out.


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