Halloween Costumes

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I was looking through some photos and realized that I hadn't posted any photos of the kids in their halloween costumes.

Precious was a clown. A girl in grade 9 on our street had passed it down to a neighbour who in turn passed it down to us. When the grade 9 girl came trick-or-treating, I showed her the costume (Precious was done trick or treating by that point) and she remembered the costume.
Mr. Boy was Darth Vader. We borrowed the costume from our neighbour. The mask was new. The cape was made by DH's mom when he was a child. Mr. Boy refused to carry one of the three lightsabers we have because none of them was the correct colour for Darth Vader (ie. red). The costume was about 4 inches too short in the legs, but he was wearing black rubber boots, which covered it up.
Sweet Pea was a punky witch. She decided she would rather be a 'funky' witch, which I explained meant 'smelly', but she didn't care. The fishnet sleeves of the costume were bothering her, so on Thursday night, hours before her school halloween party on Friday morning, she announced that she needed a new costume. After discovering that it was the sleeves that bothered her, I cut them out, and left her with only the elasticized cuffs with purple tulle.
GFG (Good Friend Geoff) came by with his girls to trick or treat from our house. Abbi was a spider (she wasn't wearing her headpiece in this photo), and Isabella was also a witch.After about 45 minutes out with Geoff and me, Precious got frustrated and she wanted to take off her costume. We came home, and DH headed out to meet back up with Geoff and the remaining kids. We got such a small number of kids this year, that while I was home answering the door between 7:15 and 8:00 ish, the doorbell only rang twice.

When we got home, we let the kids each as much candy as they wanted for approximately 15 minutes. They weren't happy when the 15 minutes was over, but they were tired and went to bed and promptly fell asleep.

That sounds like the perfect Halloween.


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