Rocking Downtown for DH's Birthday

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today is DH's 37th birthday. Last night we went out to see my friend's band play in a bar downtown. We sat there with a bunch of friends who are childless. We don't see them very often. We had to leave the bar around 11:15 to get back in time for the babysitter.

Despite loving our kids madly, every once in a while, we wonder what childless people do with their days and whether it might be fun. I honestly can't remember life before kids.

So what do childless people do with their days? They renovate houses, exercise, go on trips, and have brunch out, for an hour or two. They shop when they like, garden and watch more than one movie in a day. What they don't do is get kid snuggles, and they don't get to see their child ace a test or get really excited about something new. They don't get to be the one their child comes to for comfort, and for the answers to everything. Being a parent totally rocks, even if we have to leave the bar after the opening band.


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