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Thursday, October 1, 2009

DH has a lot of CDs. He's a bit of a music junkie. Our CDs have been stored in our bedroom, far from the stereo and stacked in a way that made them hard to access.

Once the basement was finished in the spring, and after the stereo was moved downstairs into the new TV room in the basement, one of the next tasks was to organize the CDs and get them close to the stereo.

DH and I chose the Benno CD racks from IKEA, compatible with the Billy system. Normally we avoid particle board, but in this case, the CDs were to be hidden in a closet, and we couldn't justify the cost of solid wood CDs racks for close to 500 CDs.

DH went to IKEA, on a Saturday no less, something he swears he will never do again, to pick up 5 Benno CD racks. A couple of days later, he assembled them.

A day or two after that, DH walked up and down the stairs many times over to transfer all of his CDs from the second floor master to the basement closet where he alphabetized them, again, and placed them in the CD racks, 8 to a shelf, with room for 12 in each shelf, so the alphabetizing could be maintained without moving all of the CDs. It's not visible in this photo, but there are two more racks to the right of these three, and they are half full.

We were able to use the 7 inch deep half of the basement closet, while still giving the kids access to the other half, 'adventureland', which is under the stairs.

DH was giddy with excitement and I'm happy the CDs are accessible and out of our bedroom.


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