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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I don't know if you've had a chance to check out any of the new TV shows that started this fall. I've checked out Accidentally On Purpose, Cougar Town and Modern Family, among others.

Accidentally On Purpose stars Jenna Elfman, one of my favourite sitcom gals, and the romantic comedy is light and fun.

Cougar Town was painful to watch. Courtney Cox's character is awful, and the amount of Botox between her and her co-star, Christa Miller is really sad. I used to love both of these actresses, but now their faces are frozen and their lips are puffed up and I just feel like crying because they aren't much older than me, and I pray that society is not demanding this kind of stuff in women of that age. I watched the first episode and refuse to watch it again.

I feel especially sad about the amount of Botox in Christa Miller's face, as I loved her as Kate on The Drew Carey Show. In one memorable episode, she tried to sing with the guys' band, and she was awful but the guys couldn't tell her. She would say "With me, you don't just get singing, you get dancing, too." I still laugh when I think about that. I cry when I think about Cougar Town.

By far, the best show in this suite of three is Modern Family. The first show was so funny, both DH and I were laughing. We loved Phil, the dad of three, married for 16 years, who thinks he's really cool, but is definitely not. Cameron, the husband in the gay couple is so funny! Now I'm becoming partial to Gloria, the smokin' hot latina woman who is married to the guy who used to play Ed Bundy in Married With Children. She's hilarious, gorgeous, and she gets a lot of the good lines. I can't wait to watch the show every week.


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