Fall Getaway

Saturday, October 24, 2009

DH and I started, three years ago, going away for one night, without the kids, in the fall. It is quickly becoming a tradition. The first year, we went to Merickville, a quaint little town about an hour away. We stayed at an historic inn and ate really delicious food. The shops were along the lines of gift shops, for the most part, but the fall colours were incredible and it was really romantic.

Last year, we went to Kingston, which is a great town near here. The inn we stayed at was unreal and we walked and walked and did some shopping.

This year, after my recent trip with Sylvie to Montreal, and since DH needs some new clothes, we decided to go to Montreal. I have to admit I have always been intimidated by driving in Montreal and I once crossed the same bridge eight times looking for the correct exit so I could drive down to Boston.

I'm older and wiser now, and with Google Maps, and my recent experience in Montreal, DH and I are ready to tackle the city, even with our Ontario plates.

So we're off to Montreal in a couple of minutes. I can't wait!


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