Excitement at the Senators' Game

Friday, October 23, 2009

My hockey league gave away a set of tickets to the Ottawa Senators hockey game for the team managers for the winter teams. Since I managed the summer team, I wasn't eligible, but the winter manager offered me the tickets. Who knows better than she how much work it is to manage the team! I'm acting as treasurer for the winter, and that is a big help to her, so she wanted to thank me. I thought it was really generous of her.

DH and I decided to go to the game together. We've been going out so much lately, our two main babysitters are making a killing off of us! Megan came to babysit last night and we headed out to the game and got there about 1/2 hour ahead.

The game was fun to watch even though we trailed through most of it. There were a few lulls here and there, but with 11 goals in all, there wasn't much time to get bored. The Sens tied up the game with 1.6 seconds left to force overtime. What an exciting goal it was, too!

But that wasn't even the best part! My favourite part was going to the concession stand to buy a beer for DH and me and the lady (in her 30s, I'd guess) behind the counter wouldn't serve me because I didn't have ID. The drinking age in Ontario is 19, and since I'm double that, I'm not used to getting 'carded'. She said they ID people who look 30 or less. I was flattered but since my ID card was at home, I had to ask DH to buy the beer while I hid around the corner.

Imagine the ribbing I gave DH when he didn't get carded, despite being a year and a half younger than me!


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