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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I had a benevolent attitude on my last post, thinking "I am such a nice neighbour to let my neighbour route his gas line through my yard." I take it all back.

This evening, I went to run the bath, and discovered that the water wasn't warming up. Having been gone to work all day, and having bathed the kids at the pool last night after swimming lessons, and also having showered myself at work this morning, I hadn't noticed that there was no hot water in our house and probably hadn't been since the installers were here yesterday.

DH did some investigating when I noticed that we had no hot water and he noticed that the natural gas BBQ was also on the fritz. The furnace likely isn't working either.

As it turns out, best as I can determine anyway, when they came yesterday morning at 7:30 to install the gas line to my neighbour's house, they disconnected the gas AND FORGOT TO TURN IT BACK ON!! Either that, or they screwed up something even worse.

What if there is some reason that my neighbour and I can't both have gas to our houses? What if the gas line installers actually damaged my own gas line during the installation?

All I know is that I have neither hot water, nor heat (not that I need it tonight), and to make matters worse, DH stayed up until midnight waiting for the repair guy to show. When I got home from hockey, I relieved him from his vigil, and called the gas company right after might. After navigating the phone system from hell, I finally got through to the gas company, waited on hold for a long while, then discovered that I'd been bumped for an emergency call, and now I have to be home between 8 and 12 tomorrow so they can come and fix their mistake.

I was planning to go shopping tomorrow morning and that plan is ruined. Phooey.


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