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Friday, September 11, 2009

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on my mini-makeover, which started with a shopping trip to Montreal, and ended with a new haircut last Saturday. When I got home from Montreal, I put all of my stretched out t-shirts, and the ones with the little holes on the front (does that happen to you?) in the garbage, and all of the ill-fitting and round-neck shirts in the charity pile. Anything that was too small was banished. Anything that DH disliked was gone.

I carefully hung my new clothes in categories. Sleeveless tops. Short-sleeved t-shirts. Long-sleeved t-shirts. Blouses. Sweaters. Vests. Jackets.

Aside from the decadence of having so many categories of clothes, and the guilt I feel about using non-organic cotton, it felt good to see all of my cute things together! It all fits, and I have layering pieces and accessories for most of it.

I really need to get some more bottoms, but the days when I wake up and think "going shopping and trying on pants sounds like fun!" are few and far between!

I showed up at school today to pick up the kids wearing my leopard print sleeveless top, with a white a-line skirt, and some bronze metallic ballet flats. I felt like a million bucks. The other moms asked me "is it dress-up day and no one told me?" They joked that I was a Miss Fancy Pants, but they were kind about it.

I blame all of this on the TV show What Not To Wear. I am addicted to that show, and since we got a PVR, I always have 5 episodes saved on our PVR and I usually watch that on days when DH is busy and can't watch True Blood, Hung or a movie with me.

I've learned a lot on What Not To Wear and I've decided that dressing for my current size doesn't mean that I have given up on losing weight. I just plan to look good at whatever weight I am.

And if that makes a Miss Fancy Pants, I don't mind one bit.


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