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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Near the end of the shopping day in Montreal, Sylvie and I went to the store San Francisco. I found quite a few work separates there. I got an a-line skirt.
A plaid vest, with adorable little bows on the pockets, and a nice detail on the waist.
A blazer that fits like a dream and gives an hour-glass shape.
The back has three little buttons that flare out a bit, and give more curves.
Probably my favourite purchase of the day, a magenta knit top with the most adorable bow on the back. Funny part is that Sylvie really disliked this top, but I love it!
The back of the top is so cute.
A fitted white shirt which is always useful.
I dropped about half of my money at San Francisco, but I am happy with everything I bought. Since I'm increasing to working three days a week, starting in September, I will definitely use the clothes, and some of them are casual enough to wear around the house, too.

Around 5 p.m. on our shopping days, one of the malls closed, but some other stores stayed open, including the Bay. I broke my rule and went to a store we have at home, but I got the most adorable wool hat. And it fits! I could not remember what colour my winter coat is, but somehow remembered that it is lilac, so the dark purple will look cute with it. I'm still looking for a matching scarf and gloves.
The shopping trip was a success. I love everything that I bought. It all fits well. I probably didn't need all of the tops I got, but don't ask me to pick one to give back! I bought a hair band at H&M that is way too small. I can give that to the girls. I bought two leather belts, and I probably didn't need both. I didn't find a leather jacket or a metallic bag. I spent more than I thought I would. I wish I had tried on more pants, so I'd have at least one pair of trousers for work.

All that being said, it was such a fun time, Sylvie and I were joking that we're going back in October! I don't know how Fran├žois would feel about that!


Sylvie September 4, 2009 at 5:56 AM  

Ha!Ha! What a great day we had! I can't believe all the stuff you found! It all looks great, even the fuschia sweater! I DEFINITELY KNOW the yellow/grey flowery sweater looks great on you, although seeing it alone on the hanger, it leaves non-plussed) It must look great with grey pants or skirt!

Yeah, it was cool! I can't wait to wear my new stuff too. And when I told Fran├žois we were going back in October, he simply said "Good!" accompanied with a cute smile! He's too kind! We'll see!

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