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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our neighbour approached us a few months back to see if we would be o.k. with having some construction done on our property near our driveway so he could get the gas company to route natural gas to his house. The only affordable way was to come up the street, under our lawn, under our driveway, and over to his house. We have a natural rocky outcropping on our property, and we were pretty sure that would complicate things.

We were convinced they would have to cut our asphalt driveway, which they would repair, but it wouldn't be as nice as it is now. We aren't ready or willing to replace our driveway right now either.

The gas line guys showed up unannounced at 7:15 this morning and had everything done by about 12:30. They didn't end up having to cut the driveway, and they tidied up everything quite nicely. They even swept the driveway where they had a pile of dirt.

They didn't replace the sod on one side of the driveway, but overseeded it, and when the inspector came a half hour after they left, I asked him for sod and he said he would have someone come back and re-sod for us.

I'm glad I asked!


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