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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I have had so much fun buying things on e-bay. I bought a bunch of clothes for the girls, at great prices. I made one little mistake and accidentally bid on a shirt that was too small for either girl, but luckily, I got outbid at the last second and 'lost' the auction. I also had an email altercation with one vendor who surprised me with her shipping charges, despite saying that shipping to Canada was included in the price.

So my new approach to bidding, aside from avoiding one particular vendor, is to bid just over the current price of an item I want. Within the next day or so, depending on the end date of the auction, I look at the item again, with a more critical eye, and decide how much I am willing to pay. (Note to self: AND CHECK THE SIZE!). At that point, I put in my 'max bid', which is usually about a quarter of the actual price of the items. Then I leave it alone and wait and see if I win. E-bay will automatically increase the amount of my bid to outbid someone else, but only by a bit, until I eventually get to the max bid. If no one outbids me, I never get to my max bid and only pay the lesser amount.

Sorry if this is redundant to most of you. Maybe you are all e-bay Jedi.

My excitement was overwhelming when I received my first package of goods yesterday. The girls are so happy with these clothes, and so am I. What a great deal.

I got another package today and it was three lots that I won, all from the same vendor. I can't believe the great condition of these clothes. Most of them still have the label, and what I paid for them should be criminal!
My addiction may be getting out of hand. Last night, I even dreamed that I bid $350 on a ride in an Audi, and regretted it. My neighbour has an Audi, and I'm sure he'd give me a ride in it for much less than $350. DH sees it as a sign that I should stop using E-bay, for a while, anyway. He's right when he says that the girls now have enough clothes.

That doesn't mean I can't look for the silver metallic bag I didn't find in Montreal!


Christine September 30, 2009 at 5:28 PM  

E-bay is addictive... there is nothing like shopping in your PJs then the fun of getting a package in the mail a week later!! I was big into it when i was paper scrapping... but haven't since. The shipping was too much. Maybe I'll check out the clothes though...

Michelle Peters October 2, 2009 at 3:36 AM  

I love ebay... just bought so much on it, but will have to start selling now that we are moving to Canada permanently :-) Last purchase was an awesome 1989 fisher price house with all the furniture.

My trick is to go in in the last 10 seconds of the bidding with my maximum bid, as I don't want anyone else to know what my maximum bid is until then. If I win, yay, but since I've already put in my maximum bid, its not a major hassle if I lose. Usually people bid in round figures, so if you out in, say 25 pence more, you can win the item :-)

It is super addictive though, so watch out ;-)

Mike October 2, 2009 at 5:22 AM  

I'd give you a ride in a BMW for a lot less than $350!!!

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