Third or Fourth Camping Trip of the Year - Depending How You Look At It

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We went camping this week, a trip we booked right after we got back from Sandbanks in June. We had planned to stay this time for five nights, but wedding-related activities and the cold night-time weather convinced us to cut our trip down to three nights.

We arrived on Monday afternoon, and left late on Thursday evening, right when the kids would go to bed.

We usually spend all of our time at the beach when we're camping, but the weather wasn't overly hot, although thankfully not rainy, so we decided to try something different. There were a lot of hiking trails at this campground, and they were all rated by length and difficulty. We decided to go hiking in the morning on Tuesday. Precious hiked the entire 3.3 kms herself and it took about 2 hours! I was impressed at her stamina. In the afternoon, I napped with her while DH took the older two kids to the beach.
On Wednesday, we did another morning hike, this one a bit shorter, followed by DH taking the older two on a second hike while I napped with Precious.
There were caves along the way, and there is evidence that people used these caves 12,000 years ago for shelter when hunting.
We had a campfire every night and we cooked hamburgers and sausages on the fire. The kids roasted marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks. On Thursday, we rented a canoe for the day and took the kids for a three hour tour. We stopped at a couple of spots when the kids started fidgeting a lot, or when it was time for lunch or snack. The weather was perfect; cool and sunny. We paddled a long time, and I started to get tired, but we had so much fun. I didn't want to risk sending my camera to the bottom of the lake, so I don't have any pictures of the canoe trip, but we went exploring on a couple of different islands, and had our lunch at one of the back country campsites in the park.

Our tent started to be a problem on this trip. The zipper for the main door broke. The fly is poorly designed, plus it sprung a leak this year, and the hooks are starting to go. We decided to part ways with our tent and leave it in the garbage of the campground. Until the kids are older and want to sleep in a tent by themselves, we'll bring our two smaller tents and split up the adults and take a kid or two each.

As for whether or not this was our third or fourth trip, we have tent camped three times, and we went to a trailer once. So I guess it was our third tent camping trip and our fourth camping trip.


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