A Surreptitious Fridge Cleaner Am I

Monday, August 17, 2009

I got to work at my normal (ungodly) hour and went to the lunch room. I could barely find an inch in the fridge in which to stow my lunch, and I know there were less than 5 people who use that fridge already in. I have gone through the fridge once before and thrown out the ridiculously moldy or outdated food. In fact, there was a giant lunch container in there, which I emptied, and put on the counter, and which, months later is still there. Good thing I didn’t leave it in the fridge as it would be wasting space.

I looked through the fridge (at 6 a.m.) and I ruthlessly threw out at least 14 expired containers of yogurt, along with some 3 Boost drinks that expired 5 months ago. All of the yogurt I threw out was at least 2 weeks past the expiry date, and some of it was from April (it’s now August, people). There is a dozen (I pray) hard-boiled eggs in the door that have been in there for about 2 months, and I will be throwing those out on my next cleaning spree.

I am happy I was able to free up so much space in the fridge, but I could never admit to doing it to any of my co-workers, for fear of being lynched by someone who feels wronged by the loss of their expired yogurt!


Christine August 17, 2009 at 6:13 PM  

You're good, I just ignore it, push it all aside and hope my lunch doesn't come flying out the next time someone opens the door!

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