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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love shooting photos in RAW. Don't get me wrong. Only problem is DH's dad wants all 273 photos we took while he was visiting, and he doesn't have a RAW readerr, and every single photo was shot in RAW. I IM'd Christine hoping she will know the answer, as she usually does. No luck. She suggested Googling it and Blackle pointed me to the Adobe website, where the answer was easily accessible. Success!

I converted all 273 the photos (and more) to JPEG, and edited and cropped a special group of 14 photos, of the DOG, no less, with a grandkid or two thrown in, but only if they were in a photo with the DOG, as selected by DH's dad.

Am I slightly hurt that DH's dad wants more photos of his dog than the three children I spent almost 27 months carrying and over 7 years raising? Hmm. What do you think?

I sent the photos to his local photo store, and I'll mail him a DVD of the other photos. He's leaving tomorrow and we'll all miss him. We had a great vacation.


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