Montreal Rules!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boy did I ever have fun in Montreal. Sylvie was a wonderful host. She picked out a lot of clothes for me and I tried to help her, too.

We got to Montreal around 10 in the morning and we headed to Place Montreal Trust first. Parking underground was a breeze at that time of day.

My rule was that I didn't want to go into any store that we have at home. That wasn't a problem as there were tons of other stores to choose from. After seeing Zara ads in all of my favourite mags, I was delighted to discover one in the first mall we visited, and the prices were quite low! I picked up a leopard shirt and decided to put it back. Sylvie convinced me to try it on and and it was my first purchase in Montreal (other than a Tazo Chai Latte at Starbucks)!I have a tendency to stick to solids, and I have a lot of purple and brown. I was trying to find clothes I wouldn't normally buy, and this fits the bill! It fits like a dream, is patterned, and the price was great. I think it was $30.

Next stop was Simons. I LOVE that store! The main floor is reasonably priced and trendy. I found a chartreuse kimono-sleeve cardigan. It looks yellow here, but chartreuse is really great on me, and it goes well with gray, which is a neutral I want to get more of. I'm in the market for grey trousers for the fall. I didn't find many bottoms in Montreal, but I didn't try on many, either.
Upstairs at Simons is the designer clothing. They had a Missoni sweater there for $1200! There were a couple of Missoni coats, too. They were gorgeous, but they didn't even have price tags. If you have to ask, you can't afford them!

Everything Sylvie bought that day was purchased upstairs at Simons. She got the cutest black coat, shiny, black cigarette pants, two tops (one purple and one black), and a gray cardigan. She knows all the labels. I'm clueless when it comes to that, so she helped me out.

Upstairs at Simons, I ended up with a white wrap top that she convinced me to buy, as well as a feminine cardigan that she vows looks good on me, although it is a little out of my comfort zone.
More Montreal shopping updates to come!


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