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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

See Part I of the Montreal trip wrap-up here.

I had intended to use Marie-Eve's design guide to Montreal on Design Sponge to plan out a course in Montreal. In the end, Sylvie and I went downtown and really didn't run out of stores until we ran out of energy. We never made it to Le Plateau, or to Lola and Emily. That'll be for the next time, when DH and I take a weekend and getaway there for some shopping, eating and nightlife.

After hitting Zara and Simons, Sylvie and I had lunch at Reuben's, a Montreal landmark, famous for smoked meat sandwiches. The platters were enormous, so we could have shared one, but I ate most of mine and wasn't hungry for another 8 hours! Thanks for lunch, Sylvie!

Right before lunch, we headed to H&M. I love their accessories, and their kids' clothes. I wasn't shopping for the kids, and this store didn't have any kids' clothes anyway. I went to the men's section and looked at hats and other stuff for DH, but didn't get anything. I went to the ladies' accessories and picked up earrings, a hair barrette, and a belt.
After lunch, we criss-crossed downtown for a while longer. One minute, I'm standing in a store thinking there's really nothing I like in the place, and the next minute, Sylvie is holding up a top, which is the exact right colour of nude to look good on me. I love this top with a pink tank top layered underneath. I've worn it twice already, which is good since the summer weather seems to have disappeared! Next was a shoe store, where I went a little crazy. It had been at least an hour since I had bought something and I had hardly spent any money all day. I bought two pairs of shoes in one store, something I've probably never done! Actually, it was a pair of shoes and a pair of Peter Pan getaway boots! I can't wait to wear these boots with tights or with jeans.
I also found a pair of gladiator sandals at Steve Madden. I was hoping for animal print gladiators, but these were cute, and such a good price. At this point, I was getting a little tired, and I'm regretting not holding out for the animal print shoes, but DH loves these shoes, so if he's happy, I'm happy.
I really think I've suddenly developed a bit of a shoe fetish. I used to walk past shoe stores with nary a glance and since Montreal, all I want to do it look at each shoe in every shoe store. I have one or two more shoe purchases in mind. If only I had some cash lying around!

There's one more Montreal trip recap to come later this week.


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