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Friday, August 7, 2009

I have a big noggin. It`s above the 97th percentile. If I lost 50 pounds, I`d look like a beautiful Q-Tip.

The problem with having a big head is that it`s hard to buy hats and helmets. I just got my old Norco bike tuned up and got new wheels, and I`m raring to go out biking, but I don`t have a helmet. DH offered to lend me his, but that means the 5 of us can`t biking together.

I went to three stores today and found a really cute helmet at the first store, but it was too small. My forehead hurt after about 5 seconds. It was a shiny white skateboarding helmet. I found some other helmets at the other stores, but I didn`t like the style of the ones that fit me. One was a matte gray, although it had cool red straps. The other one fit perfectly but it kind of looked like a German army helmet from WWII.

I actually went to Costco and got one of those traditional, sporty bike helmets. I couldn`t bear to keep it, as I just don`t like that style. Ever since I went to the site of Nutcase helmets, I can`t settle for less.
Don`t you just love these helmets. Only problem is trying to get the right size. The closest store that carries them in Canada is 5000 kms away!


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