Engagement Party Recap

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The engagement party was a success, if I do say so myself. About 30 people came, and the party lasted about 3 1/2 hours. Lots of food and drink was consumed, and it was pretty loud, which I think means people were having fun. After initially being really hot downstairs, DH remembered that most of the air conditioning vents were closed, so he opened them and things cooled off.
I can't believe all of the work DH did around the house this week. We were working until 10 some nights! He is my hero.
A couple of AMB's friends drove from out of town for the party. They have known each other since high school, and they were so sweet, and so happy for AMB.
Tyler's old roommates were at the party, along with their spouses. These guys lived together for a few years, and it was the first time they were all together in quite a long time. Phil, the guy in the middle, is throwing Tyler's bachelor party for me. As best 'man', I would normally do it, but Phil is just the guy to take on this job. His wife had to almost drag him out of our place last night. He wasn't ready for the party to end.

Phil is intensely allergic to pet dander, and he figured he would have to spend the evening out on the patio, only coming in to say 'hi' and then leaving early, but he spent over three hours downstairs in my basement and he was fine! I was thrilled, because he's really fun at a party, and a real people person, and of course, Tyler wanted him there.

Bob and Sheila co-hosted the party and Sheila bought all of the food and prepared all of it at the party. Bob made us all dinner at our place before the party. Thanks guys!
I was in charge of alcohol, and ended up mixing up batch after batch of the cuban specials and the soho cocktails. Both were delicious, and I eventually ran out of white rum, but just used dark instead. People also drank white and red wine, and beer. I enjoyed walking around with pitchers of my two signature cocktails, refilling people's glasses and mingling. I even made a short speech, which was a great introduction to the speech I'll be making at the wedding. I'm so excited about that!

I had made some flower arrangements, with white daisies, and a banner that said "Tyler & Anne Marie". We had black and white napkins with 'Made for each other' on them. We had out all our best crystal glasses. DH made a fantastic playlist for the party to play after my shorter playlist of romantic/marriage songs. I had an engagement photo enlarged and I framed it in a silver IKEA frame. It was hanging on the wall as you came downstairs. Everyone thought it was great, and apparently AMB has already hung it on her wall at home, no small thing as I believe it may be the first time she put anything on her white walls.

Even though I was hosting, it didn't mean I couldn't partake in a beverage or two!
There was at least one underage drinker, but otherwise everyone behaved themselves.
Phil said our bar is "off the hook" and so many people commented that our basement was amazing for hosting parties. We got a lot of compliments on everything, right down to the paint colour. I have to agree that the basement was fantastic for the party, and it was fun being behind the bar. I'm really looking forward to the next party.


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